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Sinomarin Hypertonic Sea Water Monodose (For Infants)

**Special For Infant**

Owing to infant's narrow nostril and its still developing immune system, it is quite a common case for infants to get blocked nose. It is harsh for babies suffering from congestion as it affects their swallowing ability. Sinomarin's hypertonic seawater solution helps relief the uncomfortable feeling caused by congestion. Sinomarin can also wash dirts out from babies' nostril. Monodose is especially safe for babies as they would not breathe in mist into the lung.
Country of Origin:Greece
5 ml x 18 vials
  • Product Ingredient
    Sea Water
  • Usage
    Lay the child flat, holding the head turned to the side. Drop a few drops into the nostril . Repeat the procedure, turning the head the other way. Sit the child up, holding the head back with one hand and wipe.

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